Pointed Witch Hat
Pointed Witch Hat


Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Best Punishment for Boys (The)

Four witches decided to go out to lunch,
     And then talked of a problem they had:
'Boys are the worst,' said the wickedest witch.
     'I’ve met some.  They truly are bad!'

'So what’s to be done with these creatures?' they said:
     'What punishment’s best for them all?'
'Well, let’s wait for the next, and perform a foul deed:
       Let him crawl, as a fly, on the wall.'

Some boys came along, as the witches sat there,
    And one hurled abuse, passing by.
So one of the witches, her finger outstretched,
     Quickly changed him into a large fly.

Oh don’t worry, dear parents, if John’s not returned,
     With his school things strewn over your hall.
John was the one who was cheeking the witch.
     He’s not late but up there on your wall.


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