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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Goat 1 .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

It's All Too Clear

Old Fred Simpson kept a pig;

     A goat he also kept.

He trained his pig to dance a jig

     But his goat, it only slept.


The pig would follow Fred around

     And helped him eat his dinner,

But poor old goat, he made no sound,

     But, sadly, got much thinner.


The pig moved in and shared Fred’s bed;

     The goat stayed in the yard.

The pig looked good and was well-fed

     But the goat thought life was hard.


The pig would share the fire with Fred,

    While the goat stayed in the cold.

One day they found the goat was dead

     But Piggy lived till old.


And here my story has to end.

     Animals!  Lend an ear!

Just try to please your human friends -

    The moral's all too clear!


Copyright on all my poems


Did you see the film:  BABE?

I've had about every sort of pet you can think of.  No, not a snake or crocodile etc.  They've all had a good life but earned this by being friendly towards us.  Now I live near to a lake and the wild ducks come to my back door.  They come to my backdoor every day hoping for something to eat, and they get it.


'Lend an ear' means . . . . Listen well.  Perhaps your teacher or your parents may say this to you - - or not?   Josie 

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