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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Human Burger (A)

A crocodile sat and thought:
     'I do not think it’s fair.
I watch my ‘menu’ pass me by;
     It’s chosen with such care!'

'I like to see those boys and girls
     And then I think of dinner -
But my keepers do not feed me them.
     And that’s why I’m getting thinner.'

'Oooh!  A grilled boy in a child-burger
      Or a fried girl on some toast,
But a human leg with apple sauce
      Is what I’d like the most. - Mmmm'

'A little thought comes to my mind:
     What shall I eat today?
But I am brought some meat or fish.
      While the best food’s sent away.


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