Funny Animal Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Black Cat Silhouette
Don't Be Shy - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Don't Be Shy

'Meow,' called a cat through a hole in a wall:

      'Will anyone come out to play?

There’s plenty of cheese and a nice slice of bread,

      And out here it is such a nice day.'


'Meow,' called the cat.  'I know you are home.

      Oh come now, there’s no need to hide.

Out here in the world, I’ve some cream in my dish.

      Don’t stay there. It’s better outside!'


'Meow.' called the cat.  Oh come along now.

      There’s no need to hide in the dark.

I’m waiting for you and I’d love to be friends . . . '

      But there suddenly came a loud b a r k!


Two tiny mice called from deep down in their hole,

      'We’ll not be his dinner today!'

And, far from their home, the dog chased the cat

       And hurriedly sent him away.


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