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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Happy Girl


By Josie Whitehead

I've Had a Good Day

I’ve had a good day.  Yes it’s perfectly true -

 I came top in maths - and, well, how about you?

     I’ve climbed up a mountain and swam in the sea.

     Yes I’ve had a good day as I’m sure you can see.


I’ve had a good day and did you have one too?

I ran in a marathon, went to the zoo

     And jumped over hurdles, climbed a few trees,

      But I’m aching all over, especially my knees.


I’ve had a good day and now after rest

I’m doing the thing which I really like best:

     I’m boasting to you of all that I’ve done.

     So, did your day go well?  Oh I hope you had fun.

Copyright on all my poems

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