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Henry, the Supersucker

Our Granny’s got a Henry –

      Not a Billy or a Jim.

Though Henry likes to move around,

      He cannot run or swim.


He sits quietly in his corner

      With a grin upon his face,

But sometimes Henry’s taken out

      To see another place.


He’s taken on a tour you see,

     Of places in her home,

But Henry’s kept upon his lead

     And cannot freely roam.


His appetite’s enormous. 

     He grabbed Granny by the arm,

But as his mouth was rather small

     She didn’t come to harm.


We laugh and laugh as Henry glides

     Around with little fuss.

He gobbles things from Granny’s floor

     But sometimes turns on us!




Now we haven’t got a Henry

     So we always say to Gran:

Please send our love to Henry. 

     Say: 'We'll visit when we can!' 

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  My grandson, Daniel, was frightened by the sound of his mother's vacuum cleaner even before he was born, I'm told.  He was even more frightened when he heard it after he was born.  When he was 3 years of age and visited us one day, we introduced him to our Henry, which he thought was lots of fun.  Yes, he was a bit frightened by the noise Henry made, but when he discovered the fun of pretending that Henry was trying to eat us, he found that he loved this particular sweeper, and I wrote this poem especially for him.  How he laughed when I read it to him.  Josie 

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