Watercolor Butterfly 18


Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Watercolor Butterfly 18
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Tiny Toes.jpg
By Josie Whitehead
Tiny Toes

A nasty midge called Tiny Toes
   Eats human skin, you see,
For whenever I’m out gardening
     His eyes are watching me.

Then Tiny Toes and all his mates
     Come hounding from the sky.

Then - HELP - they all start munching me
     As if I’m apple pie.

No, I can't see them coming down,
     But nasty Tiny Toes,
Arrives with haste to eat my skin
     And loves the taste of nose.

He, and his spiteful biting friends,
     Get in my hair as well.
You cannot see or hear these beasts
     And they do not have a smell.

But -  oh - scratch scratch, and scratch again,
     I feel their nasty bites,
So I put away my gardening tools.
     Enough of this tonight!

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Question for you:

What other insects will land on human skin, given the chance?  Which are not particularly interested in doing this?