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People Poems/Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Mother Him but

He arrived in the world and then started to scream,

Whilst Father looked on like the cat with the cream.

     Mum saw his face and hers crinkled with joy.

     What bliss to start spoiling this dear little boy.


With no hair on his head he looked just like Dad,

But he had Mother's eyes so it wasn't all bad.

    He knew from the start how to get his own way,

    But his Mum loved him well, so what more can I say?


His parents were proud of his progress at school.

When his teacher complained, they called him a fool,

     For this boy was the apple of his proud mother’s eye,

      “Outgoing” she called him - "Not fearful or shy."


“A bully” they said - “Needed taking in hand” -

But how could his mother at all understand?

     Her lovely young son, whom the teacher called rough,

     Was outgoing, likeable, friendly but tough.


It’s surprising how kids like to stay in their beds

And you keep them quite happy if you keep them well fed.

     Well he was no different and wouldn’t get up,

     Yet food quickly vanished with this greedy young pup.


Clean up his room?  No, his mother did that!

As a teenager he became idle and fat.

     It was the job of a mother to wait on her son

     And without her, his life would not be much fun!


When later in life he then looked for a wife –

Someone like Mum, who’d give him a good life;

     A girl who would love him and meekly obey -

     He quickly discovered the girls looked away.


They wanted their husbands to help in the house -

Good looking, but also a handyman spouse.

    So - a warning to Mums who want wives for their sons:

    Spoilt brats, such as that one, most women will shun.



Girls - am I right? 

Copyright on all my poems

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