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and Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Your children will find this a wonderful Poem to Perform


By Josie Whitehead

ghost 3 .jpg
ghost 3 .jpg
Don't Scream When You First Meet a Ghost

Don’t scream when you first meet a ghost
     For you’ll cause it alarm and despair,
And frightening a creature like this
     Is something that’s not really fair.

Ghosts were once people you know
     And they long to be somebody’s friend.
Their lives were SO happy on earth;
     They were sad when they came to an end.

Ghosts are quite friendly you know  -
     Look there’s one that is all dressed in black 
And, oh look!  He is carrying a stick
     But for certain ghosts never attack.

See that one that is sat on a grave?
     In the shadows it looks pretty grim 
But a smile and a wave just from you
     Will bring lots of pleasure to him.

There’s another one clinking his chains,
     But he’s perfectly harmless you know.
Folk think that ghosts don't laugh at jokes
     And are creatures who’re all full of woe.

But creepy?  No, certainly not!

     And they don’t all roam round in the night.
See, this one has just called: 'Hello' - - - -
     Oh come back.  Please don’t rush off in fright!!

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