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F u n n y   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Thinking Man


By Josie Whitehead

Poor It Into a Poem Dear

Frustrated, angry?  It’s quite clear

It's time to write a poem, my dear.

     Full of angst?  A broken heart?

     Lift your pen and make a start.


Carrying round some inner hate

That's burdening you with heavy weight?

    Write a poem. Yes, that is best.

     Get it all right off your chest.


Come on now, don't scream and shout -

With poetry let it all flow out.

     Inner anguish, torment, grief!

     A poem could bring you some relief.


Pen on paper - - words will flow

And inner turmoil soon will go.

     Yes, pour your grief upon your page

     And rid yourself of inner rage.


Bin those medicines and potions;

Poems are better for emotions.

    Your therapist would say: 'It's true.

    Poetry's just the thing for you!'


                   Yes, and so do I.

Copyright on all my poems

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