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By Josie Whitehead

It's Harvest Thanksgiving - Heading .jpg

(Dactylic Metre)

By Josie Whitehead

It's Harvest Thanksgiving

Ripe juicy melons, a bottle of wine;
Two golden pumpkins and grapes on the vine.
     Large loaves of bread and a packet of tea –
No, these were from others, and not brought by me.

Punnets of apples, a dish full of plums;
Large pumpkin pies that were made by my Mum.
    Little bread rolls and some strawberry jam,
    Tins of baked beans - also two tins of spam.

Bunches of liles and roses as well.
Tasty blue cheese – but, my word, what a smell!
    Pairs of old sandals?  A long piece of string????
    It’s HARVEST THANKSGIVING  - - - - -

                   What next will they bring?


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