By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Ice Cream Stream (An)

A peak stands tall within a cone,

     It’s summit reaching high.

A scrumptious mountain, tall and proud

     That reaches to the sky.


But look, the snow upon its peak

     Begins to melt and slide,

And down the mountainside it runs,

     But there’s nowhere it can hide.


A tongue comes down and scoops it up.

     It’s transferred to a mouth

But, until that stream’s completely dry,

     It will run from north to south.

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METAPHORS:  What is a metaphor?
A metaphor?  Easy-peasy.  It is when you speak of one thing as if it is something else.  Although I only mention a few of my poems in my metaphor list, you'll find them everywhere.  Get your  teacher to start a list on your classroom board and add examples as you and others in your class start to find them.  Here are two poems to start you off, as well as this one:  Ode to the Bluebells; The Roving River;  

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