Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Squiggly Squall (The) - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Squiggly Squall (The)

Come with me today to a land far away

Where the crocodiles bark and the elephants neigh

     And where coconuts grow on plants in the snow.

     It’s a very strange place as I'm sure you will know.


So come, let us go, for it’s not far away.

See the sun shine at night and the moon in the day.

     See water that’s dry and the desert that’s wet.

     It’s a very strange place that you’ll never forget.


We’ll go on a train, but the wheels aren’t on rails.

We’ll float on the sea so perhaps we’ll see whales.

     You’ll know you’ve arrived when we reach the far shore.

     'What a very strange place!  Oh please tell me more.'


There are hundreds of monkeys but not in the trees

For they work in the cafes and serve cakes and teas.

    There are penguins who’re waiters in restaurants galore.

    'I can hardly believe it, but tell me some more.'


The name of the place?  Well, I just can’t recall –

  But it sounds something like ‘The Squiggly Squall.’

        'Ah, I think that I know it.  Please let me assist.

         Is it in 'The Strange Country That Doesn’t Exist'?'


                                                      Yes, I think so.

Copyright on all my poems

This poem was one of almost 400 poems which was chosen by children and their teachers in schools right across West Yorkshire for publication in 2007.  Sadly, at the moment the book of 'Funny Poems' is out of publication, but luckily you have the much-loved poem here.  Josie