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Flying Chick


Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Running Dog


By Josie Whitehead


Fill in the missing words from these words:

bee;  dog;  mouse;  mole;  zoo;  lamb; cat;

and then check from my voice recording.

All at Sea

There’s a  ?  in a hat,

A  ?  in a hole.

There’s a  ? in a bog

And a  ?  in a pram.

There’s a  ?  in a house

And a  ?  in a tree - 

But there's you at the  ? , 

And me all at sea!!!

Copyright on all my poems

"ALL AT SEA" - What does this mean?  It means:  In a state of confusion and disorder.   

"All at sea: Nautical expression to describe the condition of a vessel lost out of site of land. Now the expression or its shortened form "at sea" is used to describe someone who is confused, bewildered and unable to understand." eg:  'Sorry Miss but I'm quite at sea', or 'I'm all at sea.'


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