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See: BLEEZER'S ICE CREAM.  This is my reply.


Bleezer's Ice Cream Parlour


By Josie Whitehead

Lucky to be Alive

Dear Ebenezer Bleezer

I sampled ice cream from your freezer.

     Your twenty eight divine creations
    Were viewed by me with admiration.

But after eating them:

The cocoa mocha macaroni
Was tasted by my little pony,
    It made her sick; we called the vet
    But she soon died, I much regret.

The checkerberry chedder chew –
A flavour which to me was new -
    Brought out pimples on my nose,
    And caused some curling of the toes.

The Lobster Litchi Lima Bean –
(Oh such a lovely shade of green) -
    Though quite delicious to the taste
    Added inches to my waist.
I’m sure you didn’t mean to harm me
With almond ham meringue salami,
    But how I suffered indigestion –
    ‘Twas the ice cream, without question.
The sassafras souvlaki hash
Though served with some potato mash,
    Was yucky, mucky – sickening, foul –
    It even caused my dog to howl!

Your butter brickle pepper pickle
Caused my bottom soon to tickle,
    I scratched all day, I scratched all night,
    It must have looked a frightful sight.

The Peanut Pumpkin Bubblegum
Got tangled up inside my tum.
    An ambulance was quickly called
    And doctors were all quite appalled.

A surgeon came and scratched his head
'It’s a miracle that she’s not dead.
    Bubblegum could likely prove
    Quite a hard thing to remove.'

I’m glad to say that I’ve survived!
I’m home again and still alive.
    But  have to tell you Mr Bleezer,
I want no more ice cream from your freezer!

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