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Poems About Our 
Natural World

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

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Who's the Best?

Who is the best then?


'I' said the sun. 'I’ll not be outdone.'

'I’ said the moon, in her silvery *shoon.


'I,' said a tree. 'I’m sure you’ll agree.'

'I’ said the crow.  'Well, didn’t you know?'


'I' said the snake.  'Oh you make no mistake!'

'I' said the cloud - 'and I’m ever so proud.'


'I' said the bear, 'and I’m savage - take care!'

'I' said the sea.  'Yes, don’t forget me.'


'I' said the rose, 'as everyone knows!'


But who's the best poet?  Oh surely you know it!


                                                Yes, it’s ME!!

Note:  *Shoon = shoes (old English)

Copyright on all my poems

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