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Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Tea Leaves Tell

The tea-leaves in your cup of tea

Can herald lots of things to be:

     The ones with wisdom in tassology

     Can see ahead with no apology.


They’ll predict the good and see the bad;

The pleasant things and those quite sad.

     They’ll read the ‘when’ and also ’where’,

     But won’t, I hope, tell things to scare.


So swirl your tea leaves round and round.

The shapes made by them will astound.

     The positional placement of that tea

     Is what the expert eye will see.


The girl you thought you loved and knew -

She's out there now, cheating on you.

      The exams you thought that you might fail?

       You've passed them all in tea-detail.      


It's strange to think, both you and me:

Our future's mapped in leaves of tea.

     So when you next make that good brew

     Remember that those leaves know you.

Copyright on all my poems

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