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Illustrated Pig


Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Illustrated Pig
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By Josie Whitehead

Pigs Prefer First Class

‘Twas in the nineteen fifties

    When a farmer bought a pig,

But he couldn't fit it in his car

    For Piggy was too big.

So he took him to the station

    Where he put him on the train,

But, once inside the guard’s van,

     Well, the pig escaped again.


He dashed along the corridors. 

     How everybody yelled!

Then Piggy did his business

     And my goodness, how it smelled!

The refreshment trolley met him

     And caused him much distress,

And a good espresso coffee

     Was tipped down someone’s dress.


Piggy dashed into the toilet

    And he startled an old man 

So he quickly darted out again,

    As fast as piggies can.


Well, chaos reigned supremely -

     But whatever could they do?

Some people started screaming

     And then someone had a clue.


'I think we’ll move poor Piggy

   Far away from screaming crowds.

Pigs like to travel comfortably

   And they’re also very proud.'

So they put him into First Class -

    Somewhere a bit refined -

And here he settled comfortably

     With his worries left behind.

Copyright on all my poems

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