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Funny Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead
Cartoon Crocodile
Cartoon Crocodile
Matter of Taste (A) - blue.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Matter of Taste (A)

All children are a favourite meal
     For lions at the zoo,
And wolves, who're looking for a snack,
      Enjoy small children too.  
The crocodile will lick his lips
     As he sees children pass,
And awful pythons wait for them,
     Quite hidden in the grass.

That hairy monster’s one to watch!
     He hides under your bed - 
But I mustn't tease: they all prefer
     Sweet gooey cakes instead.

Copyright on all my poems

NoteIt's a pity to have to tell all these creatures the truth:  We humans eat more animals and birds than they ever will eat, so we're the ones they have to watch - and we eat the sweet gooey cakes as well.  Josie

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