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Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Jack Russell's teeth.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Oh Dear, Dear, Dear

Christmas Eve was murky

     And the rain began to pour.

From the corner of the kitchen

     Came a steady little snore.

It was Bella and her puppies,

   Who were sleeping in the dark,

But Bella heard some footsteps,

     And she began to bark.


Jack Russell’s are true guard dogs,

     And she guarded her home well.

She’d listen out for strangers,

     And she’d soon detect a smell.

She knew her family were in bed,

     And that she was left on guard.

She could hear and smell all visitors

     In the house or in the yard.


With teeth on show and snarling,

     Bella quickly left her bed.

She wasn’t now a pet dog,

     But a fearsome dog, instead.

In the gloomy room this guard dog

      Saw the shadow of a man,

And she'd been taught to 'see 'im off' 

     As quickly as you can!


This man wore crazy garments

    And a funny-looking hat,

And Bella thought:  ‘Oh yes, old man,

     I’ll soon attend to that!

Poor Santa saw a vicious dog

     Approaching him at speed,

And even present-givers

     Can run fast when there’s a need.


His sack, containing presents

     Was dropped upon the floor

As Santa made his exit

     At full speed through the door.

With Bella, close behind him

     Santa tore off to the town

But Bella's teeth had closed on him.

     She pulled his trousers down.

So Bella had seen Santa off

     And he’ll not return again.

Far out, across the town he ran,

     Quite soaked in all the rain.

On Christmas Eve, if you’ve a dog,

     Please take her to your bed

And then Santa can deliver toys

      In safety not in dread.

Copyright on all my poems

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