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Year 2 Poetry Unit

By Josie Whitehead

Loading the Washing Machine


By Josie Whitehead

Splish Splash Splosh

Press the button - a little wait –

    Then water starts to run –

Swish swash swish swash and swish again

     The washing’s just begun.


Swish swash swish swash and swish again,

     Now back the other way.

The washing in my mum’s machine

     Now gently starts to sway.


Then softly, softly - splish splash splosh

     Now back it comes again.

Then listen to that gentle sound,

     Like quietly falling rain.


Swish swash, swish swash and swish again,

      Back swim the dirty clothes,

Then look!  Oh look!  And look again,

     The washer’s had a doze.


Oh no, no, no – it’s on the move -

     It only had a rest -

For past me I see clearly now,

     My shirt, my pants and vest.


Swish swash, swish swash and swish again

     As round and round they go –

And, are they feeling giddy now?

     I guess I’ll never know.


The water changes - round they go,

     Then very gently spin.

Then rinse again and off once more . . . .

     But . . .  now there comes the din.


Rumble grumble, rumble – oh

     The clothes go round at speed.

Whizzing, whirring, whirling, whoosh!

     The spinner’s done his deed!


Then rumble grumble . . . ssslowing down . . .

     Mum’s washer’s lost its speed -

So quietness now, then chug chug chug - - - 

    All finished now, indeed!

Copyright on all my poems

Note:  This is a great poem to perform, but don't forget your arm movements and the varying speeds in your voice.  Don't forget that there are places to recite this quickly whilst towards the end . . . . chug . . . .  chug . . . .  chug  and the last line go  even more  s  l  o  w  e r.   I'd love to see the children of your class perform this poem.  

PS  Look out for the alliteration, the onomatopoeia, the assonance and, of course, personification because I hope the washing machine comes across as a living, working being.  Josie

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