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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

What Rhymes with Rhinoceros .jpg


R H I N O C E R O S ?

By Josie Whitehead

What Rhymes with Rhinoceros?

What rhymes with rhinoceros?

      I only wish I knew,

For then I'd write a special poem

      And it would be for you. 


Now concentrate, don't go to sleep! -

     But, with that word in mind, - - - 

I'll now go to sleep.  It's ten o'clock - - -

     But at 3 am I find . . . .    (Big yawn!)


Rhinoceros?  A stupid word!

       Rhino?  Yes, indeed!

And, thinking cap put on my head,

      I’ll find a rhyme at speed.



Copyright on all my poems


What rhymes with rhinoceros?  I'll whisper it:

Anthoceros.  I bet you didn't get this one.  So what is an anthoceros?  It's a plant:  Its name means 'flower-horn' and perhaps this relates it to the horn of the rhinoceros.

And . . .  what rhymes with rhino?  Come on . . .  It's your turn now.  Perhaps - - - my crow???  lino?  my toe?   Oh, 'I know!!!' - Josie

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