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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

All Those Silly People

I know a man called Mr McCortney          
Who is short, bald and going on forty.    
He was lost in the middle of Orkney -
Poor old Mr McCortney-ortney.

I know a lady called Susie Woo
Who had a baby dressed in blue.
She dropped the baby in the stew,                   
Poor little Susie Woo-boo.

I know a girl called Caroline Porter
Who dropped her teddy in the water.
He stayed there for a year and a quarter,      
Poor little Caroline Porter-orta.

I know a man called Jonathan Hewitt 
Who bought some steak but couldn't chew it.  
He broke his teeth before he knew it -            
Poor old Jonathan Hewitt-bluett.

There are no more stories for today -
But tomorrow is another day.
Now go to sleep or go to play
All you silly children!

Copyright on all my poems

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This poem was one of almost 400 poems published in 2010 by AMS Educational and you may have it in your book of JOSIE'S POEMS - FUNNY POEMS.   Sorry but it is out of print now.  Josie