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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Canine Maths
postman .jpg

My dog soon gets excited 
     When the postman is around.
He sits and waits beside the door
    With nose down on the ground.

His ears are pricked, he sniffs the air
     And quietly lies in wait.
Oh, was that the postman’s footsteps
     Coming through our gate?

He thinks it is a burglar
     Who is trying to break in 
And beneath our letter box he sits
     And wears a doggy grin.

             A doggy GRIN???

Well, perhaps it isn’t quite a grin,
     But a show of good white teeth.
Oh postman, keep your fingers back,
    There are  sharp teeth down beneath.

Our dog thinks that a man that size
     Can break into our house
Through the tiny letter box we have –
    As if he were a mouse.

But Bonzo didn’t study maths
     And hasn’t realized
That a great big postman never could
     Get through a hole that size.

Copyright on all my poems



My little Jack Russell, Gemma (who died at a really old age), used to jump at the letter box whenever the postmas came, and she seemed to know exactly when he came down the road and when it wasn't just someone else passing the house.  In fact I had to have a letter box put on the wall outside at one time, but the thing to do is to introduce your dog to the postman and let them become friends, with perhaps a biscuit treat.  Then you'll have no more problems, in fact they'll welcome the postman in the hope that there will be another snack.  I think all postmen should carry doggy snacks.  What do you think?  Your dog is only trying to protect you from an intruder.  Josie 

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