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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead
Teacher Instructing


By Josie Whitehead

Teacher's One Big Mistake (The)

‘Come in, you kids,’ the teacher called:

     ‘It’s time to start our class,’

And one by one the kids came in,

     And sat down, bold as brass.


Mr Armitage came in the class

     And looked up from his notes,

And there, before his very eyes,

     Were lots of baby goats.


The children were still out at play,

     Enjoying a long break,

So calling: ‘Come on in you kids,’

     Had been one big mistake.

Copyright on all my poems

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Oh dear! and oh dear again!!!   I hope your teacher doesn't say 'Come in you kids' as this is the group noun given to baby GOATS not children - - well, perhaps for fun.   Josie

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