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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

What Rhymes with Elephants?

What rhymes with 'elephants'? -

       I haven’t a clue,

But surely there’s something -

    So I thought I’d ask you?


I thought and I thought

     But I just didn’t know,

So I know that you’re experts.

     Come on, have a go.


What rhymes with 'elephants'? -

     Well, it’s too hard for me,

And a big word like elephants

     Should be easy you see.


Oh come now, don’t ponder -

    Don’t look into space -

You’re all experts at poetry.

    Don’t know?  A disgrace!! 


So what rhymes with 'elephants'? -

     Don’t say you don’t know.

Well perhaps you need time then

     If you’re a bit slow.


What rhymes with 'elephants'?  -

      What DOES rhyme with them?

Oh, I think you're not far off

      For it starts with s m.


                        Oh come on!!!!


Smelephants?  No, s m e l l y   p a n t s.

Copyright on all my poems

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