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By Josie Whitehead

Heaven Only Knows

With washing done, I went outside

     And pegged it on my line.

My nightie and my underwear –

     I thought things should be fine . . . .


But . . .

The wind was strong and how it blew:

     It growled then howled out loud,

And soon it was accompanied

     By a massive stormy cloud.


I went to fetch my washing in,

      But . . . ‘Oh! There’s nothing there! –

But what's that flying overhead?

       That's my underwear up there!!!!'


High up and over people’s homes:

     Flew nightie, pants and bra:

Up heavenward, how they flew with ease

      To land upon . . .  a star?


Oh, don’t look at the stars tonight,

     For you now know what you’ll see:

A nightie, pants and lacy bra –

     And yes, all owned by ME.


I’m sure they won’t return to earth –

     It’s ‘goodbye’ to these clothes –

But who will wear my underwear?

     Well Heaven only knows!!!

Copyright on all my poems

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