Wrapped Candy
Chocolate Praline


Funny Poems 

By Josie Whitehead 

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By Josie Whitehead
Mattinee and Mints
Wrapped Candy
Chocolate Praline
Wrapped Candy
Chocolate Praline
Wrapped Candy

Make way for Aunty Dolly please.
     Let’s get her to her seat.
The matinèe is due to start.
     There’s music with a beat.

The theatre is fully packed,

     The lights are going down 
And we’re in for a performance 
     With some actors of renown.

The first scene was magnificent
     And now the set has changed,
But something else is happening - -
     My goodness!  This is strange!

Some senior citizens, who’re here,
     All grouped in seats around,
Have started on their picnic snacks
     And dropped sweets on the ground.

Their mints are rolling everywhere;
     They’re all around our feet,
But Dolly isn’t missing out
     And fights to get her sweet.

Everywhere that you can see
     Are pensioners on knees,
And no one hears the actors shout:
     'Now stop that racket please.'

The lights go up, the curtains close,
     Then off they rush for tea.
So, who’s prepared to face scene three?
     Well it surely isn’t me!

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Wrapped Candy
Chocolate Praline
Wrapped Candy
Wrapped Candy