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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

High Flyers

John’s scooter carries him to school

     Whilst Fred goes on his bike.

A friend and I both walk to school.

     It’s something that we like.


Some children come to school in cars,

     Some travel on the train –

But we mustn’t dare be late, you know.

     Our teacher would complain.


The children in the next village

     Arrive in the school bus,

BUT sometimes there’s a special treat

       Enjoyed by all of us.


John Smith’s dad pilots aeroplanes,

     And when he’s not in Spain,

He volunteers to take us all

     To school in his own plane.

Copyright on all my poems

* The real meaning of 'high flyer':  someone who has a lot of ability and a strong wish to be successful and is therefore expected to achieve a lot.  

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