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Funny Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cupcake 3
Cup of Tea
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Betty's Butty.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Betty's Butty

At Betty’s Butty you will find
Delicious food of every kind:
     Fried rats’ tails and slugs on toast -
     Though beetle dung’s a tasty roast.

At Betty’s Butty, try the worms -
Oh come on!  Don’t sit there and squirm.
     Mixed with spaghetti, they’re a treat
   Though some might find them rather sweet.

At Betty’s Butty, there’s much more
Which hungry children will adore:
     Shredded boots and old-shoe stew:
     These delicacies are good for you.

At Betty’s Butty - try her cakes!!!
They’re often made from rotting snakes
     But with rat sauce and sweet poo spice
     I think you’d find them rather nice.

At Betty’s Butty - - Oh!  Come back-
I haven’t started yet on snacks!
   Well, since you don’t want help from me
    I’m off to get some green grass tea.

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