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By Josie Whitehead

Blond Woman

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God Created Woman Next

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By Josie Whitehead

When God Created Adam

When God created Adam,

      You’d have thought it rather nice,

If he’d created woman first

     Then asked for her advice.


God must have made a big mistake:

     His Adam’s SO aggressive.

Are big strong arms, but little brain,

     Really so impressive?


When God created Adam,

     Did he throw away the mould?

For nothing else on earth compares 

     To warring man, we’re told.


Now if woman ruled the world instead

     Of her ruthless man of war,

There'd be far less people killed,

     Of that I’m very sure.


So if God created Adam first,

     With thoughts of sex and beer,

Was poor Eve just an afterthought?

     Is that not rather queer?


Without a mother in his life

     To teach him right from wrong,

God created Eve, of course,

     To guide his life along. 


When God mixed the ingredients

      To make the perfect man,

He used too much testosterone. 

     Was that part of his plan?


Now women have to live with this

     And is that really fair?

Testosterone’s not good for him.

    And that’s why he’s lost his hair!


I guess God's thought of his mistake

     And racked his brain in vain.

If only He could start again,

    Would His Adam be the same?


No, Eve would be the first on earth. 

     She’d teach man what to do -

And the world would be a peaceful world -

     Well, do you think that's true?

Copyright on all my poems

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