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Senses Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Illustration by Nicola Geast


By Josie Whitehead

Daddy's Sneezing Habit

Whilst Mummy's nose is small and neat,
      Dad's nose is long and lanky,
And, I have to say, the room vibrates
      If he blows in his hanky.

But when Dad sneezes it's much worse:
     He really rocks the rafters.
But, now we know what to expect,
     We fall about with laughter.

We took Dad to a restaurant once;
     He shamed us, there's no doubt.
He sneezed the peas quite off the plates
     And the staff then threw us out.

We went to Ascot Races too,
      Where posh hats were displayed,
But Dad gave one gigantic sneeze
      And sneezed them all away.


We feel we don't know what to do
      With Daddy's sneezing habit.
Mum says that we should ditch poor Dad
       And next time buy a rabbit.

Copyright on all my poems





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