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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Can Poetry Make You Sick?

A little boy, at school, asked me: 

    ‘Can poetry make you sick?’

And I thought his funny question

     Might be his little trick.


I viewed his worried little face,

   And thought I’d have a joke –

And he, still looking quite perturbed,

     Sat quietly as I spoke.


‘Well, the doctor told me yesterday

     That poems are good for you,

But don’t try eating lots of them.

    They’ll make your face turn blue.’


‘Just try a poem each day at home,

     Before you go to bed.

You could read to your dolly, dear,

     Or read one to your ted.’


‘Or if you’re feeling very tired,

    Get Mum or Dad to read.

I’ll guarantee that if they do,

   You’ll go to sleep at speed.'


‘Poems will carry you away –

     Perhaps to Fairyland -

Or perhaps you’ll dream of holidays

    And playing in the sand.'


‘But, make you sick?  Oh no, my dear.

     A poem is good for you –

And, reading poetry every day,

     Is a bit like eating stew.’

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