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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Funny Poem
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By Josie Whitehead

Georgie Boy and the Dragon

A dragon slept within his cave

    And wasn’t seen for years.

When he awoke, what he did next,

     Caused folk to shed some tears.


His favourite meals were tasty kids –

    The human-kind, of course -

And, even though they cried a lot,

      He’d take them using force.


He’d then start on the mums and dads,

    And he licked his dragon’s lips,

And sometimes, added to his lunch,

    He’d have some tasty chips.


The time came for the kings and queens,

     But their children, too, came first.

He’d wash them down, yes, one by one,

     With a drink, to quench his thirst.


‘My daughter’s hand in marriage,

     To the one who’ll kill this beast,’

Said the king to people far and wide 

    And . . . . who came from the east?


A handsome youth called Georgie Boy,

    With a sharp sword in his hand.

He’d seen the princess on the news:

    'The fairest in the land.'


‘I’m not afraid of dragons, sir,’

      He told the king and queen.

I’ve seen your daughter on tv.

    She’s the fairest that I’ve seen!’


He fought the dragon all day long,

     And also through the night,

And, surely you will know who won?

     Yes, Georgie Boy, that’s right.


He went to claim his prize, of course –

     The princess, for his wife –

But . . . . . Oh, how can I tell you this?

    The biggest shock in life!!!!

The king gave him a little box.

     Inside?  A human hand.

The dragon had eaten the rest,

     I think you’ll understand.


‘I’m sorry,' said the guilty king.

     'I promised just her hand.

The dragon couldn’t eat her rings.

     I’m sure you’ll understand.’


Poor Georgie Boy was so upset,

     And sent in his complaint,

So the king, on seeing how it was,

    Made Georgie Boy a saint.    

Of course this story’s not quite true.

    St George was a brave man.

But, write a poem of your own -

    'In rhyme?' - - - - Yes, if you can!!!   

Copyright on all my poems

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