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Riddeling Siddeling - Heading .jpg


Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Riddeling Siddeling - Heading .jpg

I've used so many 'tools' to make this a fun poem for you but go to the following page to discover assonance, alliteration,consonance etc etc.  They're important tools.  

Riddeling Siddeling - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Riddeling Siddeling

Rumbling, mumbling, bossy and bumbling;
Shouting, spouting, grimacing, grumbling;
     Fiddling, diddling, po-faced and middling:
     This is the character of Riddeling Siddeling.

Cross in the morning, fault-finding at noon.
He’s fractious at lunch-time and glares at the moon.
     Pettish and peevish and often quite rude;
     Dumpish, grumpish and in a bad mood.

He’s a gruesome, grizzling, griping old grump -
Like a bad-tempered bear with a very sore rump.
    Brooding and sullen, his face is austere;
    When they send him to Mars, we surely will cheer.

Copyright on all my poems

* middling:  mediocre; run of the mill.  He was someone of no consequence to others, so he became ill-tempered etc.  Isn't it better for people to remember you as someone who stands out for what good you do and have done in the world?  Not him! I like to think that somewhere in my day, I've done something that is useful to others.  I hope my poems are useful to you.  Josie  






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