Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

French Beret



By Josie Whitehead

Not Done Your Homework

There are a million, billion reasons 
    Why their homework’s not been done,
But, listed here are some of them
   And I think you’ll find them fun:

'My baby brother tore it up
    And ate it for his tea.'
'Our puppy came and sniffed at it,
    Then used it for a wee.'


'I left it in the house somewhere,
   But where, I had forgotten.
Dad, thinking it was toilet paper,
   Used it on his bottom.'

'It got mixed with the washing, 
    Then went through the machine,
But look!  We saved the paper 
   And it came out really clean!'

'I prefer to do my homework  
     In the cemetery at night - b u t 
A ghost came up and scared me
   And I dropped it in my fright.'

'My psychiatrist told me yesterday
    That it’s not good for the brain,
So I quickly tore my homework up
    And chucked it down the drain.'

The reasons why it’s not been done 
    Can really be absurd.

Now teacher where’s your thinking cap?
    Get ready with your words!

Copyright on all my poems

Teachers and children chose this poem as one of 400 poems which were published in 2010.  I hope you like it too and teachers, ignore their excuses!    I heard them all over the years.  Josie

French Beret