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School Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Sharing Your Classroom

Your classroom’s full of things which move –

     Oh, come on, look around.

Look at the window, then above,

    And, what’s that on the ground?


It’s little creatures watching you

   Through tiny insect eyes.

Yes, more than children in your class:

     There are so many spies.


Who’s looking through your window now?

      Look hard?  Oh, can’t you see?

There’s someone trying to break in.

      I think it is a bee.


He’s seen the flowers on teacher’s desk

    And wants to come inside.

With lots of noisy children there,

     He’s better off outside.


Whose walking on the ceiling now -

      Yes, walking upside down.

He’s creeping now above your head:

     He’s small and also brown.


A spider?  Hands up those who guessed.

    Let’s try another one.

This one has wings and flies and climbs?

     Come on!  This game is fun. 


A fly of course; no fooling you –

    And there’s so much that he sees . . . . . 

But your teacher’s looking straight at YOU,

      So pay attention please.

Copyright on all my poems

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