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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Girl Coloring


By Josie Whitehead

Children's Questions

Why do witches wear black hats,

Fly on broomsticks; have black cats?

     Why are gnomes quite short and stout?

     Questions, questions spilling out.


Why are monsters always mean,

With scary faces, sometimes green?

     Why do fairies all have wings?

     I need some answers to these things.


When did dragons disappear?

Questions?  Yes lots more I fear.

     Gryphons, mermaids and much more.

      What occurred to dinosaurs?


Why did dodos disappear?

All these things are quite unclear.

     When kids ask such things as these,

     I need to know the answers please.


Surely it would be quite nice

If you would give them some advice -

     For children tend to tire my brain,

     Which, when old, can be a strain.

Copyright on all my poems


Younger children ask questions from the time they wake until it is time for bed, and they expect to know the answers from you.  They're honest also in their answers.

My grandson, when 3 years old, asked me, when he stayed with me:  'Granny what are you putting on your face?'  My answer:  'Cream.'  The end of the matter?  Oh no.  'Why are you putting it on your face?'  Answer: 'To keep me young and beautiful.'  He thought for a moment and then added truthfully: 'But it hasn't worked has it Granny?'  And do you know:  He was right, but when I tell him now of this conversation, he laughs because he knows he hadn't learnt the art of diplomacy at that young age.  Josie 

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