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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

School Children


By Josie Whitehead

Can't Spell, Won't Spell

Said Can’t be Bothered to Couldn’t Care Less:

'Yes you may think that my poem's in a mess,

       But why should I worry? What's that to me?

       It's only a poem, you surely can see.  


'Use a spell-checker?  I haven't the time.

Mistakes in one's spellings are hardly a crime.

     My friends aren't concerned.  They understand well.

     So why should I bother to learn how to spell?   


'Use an apostrophe?  They’re not meant for ME.

They're far too annoying.  Don't you agree?

     Use punctuation?  Now, don't be insane!

     I'm not going all through my poem again.' 


'Ah now texting is here to help things along

So, cut down to size, how can words be wrong? 

     And living today, in our up-to-date times,

     Im happy to keep jotting down all me rimes.'

Copyright on all my poems

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