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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Get Some New Interests

My brother had a cat, a dog,

A tadpole, newt and little frog.

     He kept a spider in his room

     But Mum removed it with her broom.


‘I’d like a python.’  ‘No!’ said Dad.

‘Pythons can be really bad.’

      ‘I’d like a hamster and a rat’ –

      But Mummy said: ‘Enough of that! –


‘Our home’s becoming like a zoo

And we all think it’s time that you

     Made friends more of the human sort.

     Perhaps you should take up some sport.’


Now John plays football in a team

But was it all part of his scheme

     That Dad and Mum must walk his dog

     Whilst I’m now mother to his frog?


For every evening with the ball

John’s seen leaving through the hall,

     And Saturdays and Sundays too

     He disappears in shorts of blue.


His new-found sport takes all his time;

He comes back home covered in grime.

     The newt’s left home, the tadpole too,

      But the happy cat’s left here to mew.

Copyright on all my poems

Soccer Player
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