Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Searching for Aunty

There once was a fat and most hairy baboon
Who decided one day he would go by balloon
      To visit his aunty who lived in a zoo -
But where did she live?  Oh he wished that he knew!

Out over the ocean went the coloured balloon
And few sharks smiled up at the hairy baboon.
     But for certain he knew aunty wouldn’t be there,
     So he flew to a forest where he saw a large bear.

The bear said: 'For certain, she doesn’t live here,'
And the hairy baboon knew that perfectly clear,
     So he continued his travels and looked all around,
     But a zoo and his aunty?  No sight or no sound!

He sailed on to the Arctic.  'Oh, it’s ever so cold.
Aunty wouldn’t live here.  She’s so terribly old!'
     A walrus looked up from his afternoon nap:
    'I’m sorry, your aunty’s not here my dear chap!'

Then a city with people came into his view.
He thought of his aunty and certainly knew:
    That hustle and bustle would drive aunty mad -
     Though it’s known city life for some isn’t bad.
The balloon kept on going and what did he do?
He looked from above and he spotted a zoo - 
     And there was his aunty as plain as could be
     So he dropped in to see her for afternoon tea.

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