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Funny Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead
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Animal Poems
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Watercolor Butterfly 8


By Josie Whitehead

National Pets' Day

‘Tomorrow’s National Pets’ Day,'
      Miss Rogers told us all:
‘And you’re allowed to bring your pet,
But leave him in the hall.’

So Malcolm brought his little cat 
    Whilst Jacob took his snake.
I had a tortoise and a dog  –
   Now which one should I take?

Mary brought her budgerigar -

      Oh she loved him such a lot!

John brought a fleecy little lamb 

      And Jack, his t i g e r - - - - what????

His T I G E R!!!’ everyone exclaimed!
    They rushed back to the hall.
What had that greedy tiger done?
       Yes - he’d eaten one and all!

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