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Bird Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead
Peter the Pesky Pigeon (alliteration)
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By Josie Whitehead

Peter the Pesky Pigeon

Peter the pigeon decided one day
     That he’d poo on the people in town,
And from high on his roof, where nobody saw,
     That pesky bird sat and looked down.

He pooed on a lady’s most beautiful hat
     And he cooed when she looked all around,
And then Peter the pigeon pooed once again
     At a gentleman there on the ground.

The man put his hand up and felt his bald head:
     'Oh aggggh!' said the man in despair,
But imagine how awful this poo would have been
     If this man had a head full of hair!!

'Ah, here come two schoolboys.  I’ll surely hit one,'
      And this fun, well, he couldn’t resist,
But the boys quickly ran to catch the school bus,
     And this was the shot that he missed.

A sparrowhawk flew up above in the sky,
     And pigeons, for certain, appeal,
And, there on the roof, doing terrible things,
     Was just the right one for a meal.

Peter the pigeon looked down at the ground,
     Whilst the sparrowhawk swooped from the sky.
In his strong outstretched talons, Peter was caught 
     And it was too late for Peter to fly.
So Peter the pigeon’s life came to its end,
     And perhaps you’ll feel sad at his plight -
But, deny a poor sparrowhawk’s family a meal

     When you’ll eat roast chicken tonight?

Copyright on all my poems 



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