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Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

At the Grocery Shop

By Josie Whitehead
Wasting My Valuable Time

I went on holiday and when

I returned to shop, I then

     Found, to my complete dismay,

     The supermarket in disarray.


For, without my consultation,

Whilst away and on vacation,

     Every product that I knew

     Had fondly made a quick adieu.


I couldn’t find the cheddar cheese

For it had been replaced with peas.

     The butter too had gone astray,

     Replaced by flowers on display.


I wanted tea but only found

Frozen meals were all around.

     I tried to find my favourite ham,

     But it had been replaced by jam.


I like to have milk in my tea

And I am sure you will agree

     That beer in tea is not the same.

     Oh, I am fed up with this game!


An hour has passed and nothing found

Although I’ve hunted all around.

     So it’s to the corner shop I go,

     To hand my list to one I know.

Copyright on all my poems


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