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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

They Call Me Mr Handsome

They call me Mr Handsome –

    Well that is what I’m told.

I’m a man who stays forever young;

    It’s others who get old.


I’ll never reach retirement

    For I’m busy every day.

I was born a bonny baby

    And that is how I’ll stay.


The girls were queueing up for me,

    All waiting for a date.

My handsome looks appealed to them;

    My character was great.


My shining hair and eyes of brown,

    Completely won their hearts.

I was full of fun, quite generous

    And was also very smart.


They call me Mr Handsome still.

    I’m sure that this is true.

The grannies now are chasing me.

    Oh whatever shall I do?


I’m much too old for being chased

    And cannot run too fast.

I wish that I was like the rest

    With handsome days all passed.

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NOTE:  This poem was extremely popular with teachers and their children in schools right across Yorkshire in a publisher's survey.  It was one of almost 400 poems which were published in 2010.  Thank you children.  Josie