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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Missing That Test

Tomorrow I’ll not go to school

And making me would be quite cruel.

     Our teacher says we’ll have a test.

     I’ll stay at home and have a rest.


I’ll have a cold and sneeze a lot,

And then I’ll say I’m very hot.

     My back will ache as will my head.

     Instead of school, I’ll stay in bed.


I’ll paint my face with lots of spots

And tell them I’ve got chicken pox.

     My head will ache, I’ll loudly sigh

     And lie in bed and watch the sky.


When Mum comes, I’ll pretend to sleep,

So out again, she’ll quietly creep.

     I may be bored, as you’ll have guessed,

     But thankfully I’ll miss that test.


Next day I’ll feel as right as rain

And off to school I’ll go again.

      A healthy child like you or me

      Is quickly cured, as you’ll agree.

Copyright on all my poems

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