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Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich




By Josie Whitehead

Don't Serve Your Daddy Junk Food

Don’t serve your Daddy junk food 

     And never give him chips.

He'll soon become a different shape,

     Especially round his hips.


Don’t buy your Mummy creamy cakes,

     To be washed down with her tea.

Those creamy cakes, with chocolate tops,

     Were surely meant for ME!


Don’t give your Granny chocolate bars

     With sticky fudge beneath.

Remember now, that at her age,

     Your Granny’s got no teeth.


Don’t pour your Granddad beer to drink,

     Especially if it’s yours.

You know he’ll soon be fast asleep

     And when he sleeps, he snores.  zzzzzzz

Don’t give your sister anything.

     Good things were meant for you!!

And your brother?  You should surely put

     Your brother in a zoo!


Don’t take this poet’s bad advice.

     It will surely make you sneeze,

But, as you know me very well,

     You know I like to tease!!!


Copyright on all my poems

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