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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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With so many speaking parts, this is an excellent and funny 
Poem to Perform


By Josie Whitehead

Fidgety Fred
Fidgety Fred .jpg

Our teacher is a fearsome man:
      'Sit quietly now!' he said.
So everyone went quiet and still . . . .
     Except for Fidgety Fred.

'Sit still I said!' the teacher roared:
     'I really can’t,' said Fred.
'The only time I’m still, you see,
     Is when I sleep in bed.'

And I’m afraid that Fred was right.
     I’ve known him many years.
Our teacher said: 'Sit still I say!'
     And Fred burst into tears.

His mother then came to the school
     And his father?  He came too.
'Your son’s a nuisance in our class,
     And I blame it all on you!'

His mother said: 'It’s not our fault.'
     'Yes, that’s quite true,' Dad said.
'We’ve tried and tried to keep him still,
     But nothing works with Fred.'

The doctor said: 'Don’t come to me.
     There’s nothing I can do.'
And we all know, what doctors say:
        It surely must be true!

So don’t be cruel to fidgety boys:
     Be kind to them instead,
For the one you see who fidgets most
     For certain will be Fred.

Copyright on all my poems

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