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Monster Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Monsters Everywhere - Heading .jpg
Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere

There were monsters in our kitchen

     Sharing Mummy’s cake,

But Dad arrived and drove them out.

     Oh, they made a big mistake.


There's a monster in my bathtub

     And he’s tickling my toes . . . ooh!

And now he's on my handkerchief

     And he’s tickling my nose.




Monster’s monsters everywhere!

      Oooh!  I see another three.

They’re sitting on our sofa there  . . .

     And watching our tv!


We’ve some here in our classroom:

     They’re in Josie’s poems again - - -

But, our teacher’s sure to catch them,

     And he’s carrying a cane!


Mum cooked some in her cooking pot

      And made a tasty stew,

But we ate them all for dinner:

     And we left not one for you!

Copyright on all my poems

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