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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead
Catch That Flea

The hardest minibeast to catch

     Must surely be the flea.

He caused my cat to sit and scratch

     And then he jumped on me.


He leapt onto my jacket first;

     Then bounced upon my arm.

His thoughts were on my human blood,

     So I viewed him with alarm.


My hand came down quite forcefully.

     He must have had his day!

But, no, he sprang onto my face

     And wanted just to play.


He saw my hand come after him,

     And, goodness, how he jumped,

But I was soon upon his track

     And soon he felt a thump!


His day of biting both of us

     Had reached its nasty end,

And I told Puss to take more care

     With whom he makes a friend.

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